“Oscar of Sciences” Goes to “Father of Non-invasive Prenatal Testing”

If they heard, 7 million women worldwide every year would applaud the award of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences 2021 to Professor Dennis Lo. In a paradigm shift in medical science, he discovered the presence of fetal DNA in maternal blood and developed non-invasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome and other genetic diseases……

CUHK LAW Students Won Global Moot Contest in a Challenging Year

Delight and pride are CUHK reactions to their Law student team for arguing their way to the top in a pre-eminent international arbitration mooting competition. The team’s excellent advocacy skills and unremitting efforts paid off in face of strong global rivals, and the pandemic……

House that Makes Kids Happy to Read Wins Architecture “Oscar”

Professor Peter Ferretto and his architecture team built a book house in a Chinese Dong minority community in traditional style as a happy gathering place for children to read books. It won them an award at The World Architecture Festival - the judges saying it “demonstrated excellence of process.”……

Prenatal Diagnostic Work Puts Research Pair in World Top 20

Professors Dennis Lo and Rossa Chiu of the Faculty of Medicine, drew attention to the city as the only Hong Kong researchers in Nature Biotechnology’s “Top 20 Translational Researchers” for 2018, for their work on prenatal diagnostics. For Professor Lo, the first Chinese recipient of the Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award, it’s the third time in the Top 20……

HK$5m Step towards Taking Risk Out of Eye Scans

The HK$5m Croucher Innovation Award to Engineer Professor Renjie Zhou’s programme brings closer a breakthrough in in vivo imaging technology which takes away the radiation risk from X rays in detecting eye diseases. His work on TPM aims for frequent scanning to catch eye degeneration early and monitor longer term disease……

“Phantom Dancer” Makes Smart Moves to Win ABU Robocon Championship

Phantom Dancer, CUHK student robotics team, won the ABU Robocon championship in Mongolia with some smart moves. After a year of hard work, two robots were engineered to take tricky steps over terrain and on ropes to win this international trophy - a first for CUHK and Hong Kong……