Cable-Driven Robots Build Up Endless Design Possibilities

Architects always have an abundance of design ideas, yet in the real world, there are limitations such as workers’ techniques, time and building costs. A professor from CUHK shows how cable-driven robots transform non-standard and artistic designs into precise executions and eventually help realise the endless possibilities for design concepts…

Harvest Energy on Your Own and Revolutionalise Your Smartwatch User Habit

Smart wearable technology is evolving into a new form. Powering a smartwatch through solar power could be one the ways but how could it be sustainable under a lengthy cloudy sunless day? Researchers in CUHK recently found that you can be in control of your watch’s energy and sustain its battery endurance through walking and the swinging of your arms.

What Gets Under Your Skin?

T-rays radiation does but, far from annoying, it’s a new, safe and easy boon to diagnosing skin disease. With your arm on the imaging window of T-ray equipment, T-rays get under the skin to measure thickness and hydration. A novel method of analysis from CUHK and Warwick University, T-rays improve treatment of eczema, psoriasis and skin cancer……

Let’s Take a Brick Philip Fu Makes Sketches Come to Life with LEGO Algorithm

We all know what LEGO is—it is a timeless, fun and educational toy for a kid, one he or she played with as a child, and now probably steps on when walking around the house as a parent. But the charm of LEGO knows no bounds. In fact, more and more adults nowadays show an increased interest in tinkering with these brightly hued bricks......

New “Soft Power”: Batteries Safe and Stable as Skin Cream

High energy batteries, in cell phones and laptops, can blow up in your face. Research around that problem surfaced with a solution from a surprisingly different field. It is a soluble polymer used in skin cream that can also stabilise battery output. Soon, putting a phone on your cheek will be as gentle on your skin as moisturizer……

一步一电零负担 行山充电源源不绝

行山远足时迷路,更不幸遇上手机刚好缺电,无法求救—相信这是不少行山人士的恶梦。求人不如自救,透过香港中文大学 (中大)团队研发的人体动能采电系统,将每一步的动能都转化为电力,无需耗用使用者额外的体能。每踏出一步,便为这轻巧的电子仪器充电……

微型机械人集群 游走血液肠道治疗疾病


崭新纳米3D打印技术 打印速度提升高达一万倍