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Impact Rankings 2024: who is excelling at stewardship and outreach?

New thematic analysis by Times Higher Education reveals the institutions that are walking the talk on sustainability. Over in Asia, CUHK’s ranks joint eighth for outreach.

CUHK unveils novel bladder cancer surgery

CUHK’s Faculty of Medicine has identified a new surgery technique that was better at preventing bladder cancer from recurring in patients compared with traditional procedures.

Abelisauroid, a dinosaur with very tiny arms, identified in Argentina

A team of paleontologists, including scholar from CUHK, has identified a new species of abelisauroid dinosaur. They have named it Koleken inakayali. The work is published in the journal Cladistics.

Increasing Chinese calligraphy practice can reduce risk of dementia, Hong Kong study finds

CUHK researchers find increasing activity time among calligraphers has positive effects on brain networks.

Research in Greater Bay Area doubles over five years – Report

A CUHK-Elsevier report shows that research output in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) has almost doubled in five years, with Hong Kong contributing 28% and driving the region’s research.

Hong Kong designs computational model to facilitate improvement of influenza vaccines’ protective effects

A research team from CUHK’s Faculty of Medicine has developed a cutting-edge computational model, beth-1, which works like a weather forecast to project virus changes in the future for optimal vaccine strain selection.