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Hong Kong academics warn hot nights to increase by 50%, this year’s record rainfall will be outstripped and call for coordinated response

CUHK-led collaborative research predicts that in 2040-49, extreme weather will become more common in Hong Kong, with the number of hot nights and amount of extreme rainfall increasing significantly.

CUHK brews up tea-based food packaging that is edible

Scientists at CUHK has developed an edible, biodegradable food packaging from bacterial cellulose which could potentially replace disposable plastic packaging.


A promising molecular catalyst for aqueous polysulfide-based redox flow batteries

Professor Yi-Chun Lu’s team found a new molecular catalyst that could help to boost the performance of polysulfide-based flow batteries.

Mussels able to adjust heart rate to cope with marine heat waves

A joint study between CUHK and the University of South Australia shows that mussels, which play critical roles in ecosystems, can withstand marine heatwaves by regulating their body functions.

Micro robot developed by Hong Kong university team can kill 99% of dangerous bacteria in medical implants, team says

CUHK’s engineering faculty has developed a magnetically powered microrobot that can remove biofilm build-up inside medical devices, prevent serious infections and aid patients’ recovery.

How COVID-19 Puts Maternal and Fetal Health At Risk

A study by CUHK researchers has revealed the underlying molecular mechanisms in pregnant women’s placentas when their bodies fight COVID-19 infection that are linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes.