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Hong Kong Is Shutting the Last of Its Covid Quarantine Camps. Now What?

Professor Ng Mee-kam from the Department of Geography and Resource Management gives her expert opinion on the repurposing of quarantine camps in Hong Kong.

How 2 renowned Hong Kong doctors went from chats about faeces to leading a biotech start-up in a US$3 billion market

Interview with Professors Francis Chan and Siew Ng, Faculty of Medicine, on their research on the microbiome and the establishment of their biotech start-up.

Chinese University of Hong Kong researchers find ‘most complete’ genome profile for American cockroaches to improve treatment of allergy to insect

Research by the Faculty of Medicine unravels the world’s most comprehensive genome profile of the American cockroach and reveals novel cockroach allergens for the development of precision immunotherapy.

Obesity and smoking linked to higher risk of getting Covid-19; researcher urges a vaccine booster shot for those who can’t shed kilos or quit

Joint research by the Faculty of Medicine reveals that smoking and obesity increase risk of severe COVID-19.

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Eye Drops May Stave Off Nearsightedness in Children

Research by Dr Jason Yam, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, reveals that dilating eye drops could delay the onset of myopia in children.

Stretch, jump, wobble: the soft robots that scientists want to send on drug runs in the human body

Research by Professor Zhang Li, Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, builds diverse miniature soft machines with ferrofluids, based on their three wetting characteristics.

Diving drone can switch between flying and swimming

Professor Chen Benmei from the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering has developed a diving drone that can switch between flying and swimming for search and rescue missions or engineering inspections.

Young Hongkongers with prediabetes have 88 per cent risk of suffering from diabetes in lifetime, study finds

Study by the Faculty of Medicine shows prediabetes in young people predicts a 90% lifetime risk of diabetes and is linked to a nearly 70% higher risk of cardiovascular diseases.

For Hong Kong’s healthcare reforms to work, better policies are needed for its ageing population

Article contributed by Professor Eric Lai, Research Assistant Professor, CUHK Institute of Health Equity, on healthcare policies for Hong Kong’s ageing population.

Hong Kong hideaway: Chinese University conservation team to study Lantau’s rustic century-old stone cabins

Project led by Professor Thomas Chung Wang-leung, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, to regenerate the landscape of Lantau Mountain Camp.

Innovation hub helps China step up collaboration with Thailand in health and life sciences

Professor Rocky S. Tuan, CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President, shares his views on partnerships in fundamental science and technology at a forum of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities.

Watch what you eat, mum: Hong Kong women risk their health eating too much salt, too little fibre while pregnant

Survey by the Faculty of Medicine finds that half of pregnant women in Hong Kong have excessive sodium intake during early pregnancy.