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A robot in every Hong Kong hospital? One man’s vision to tackle surgeon shortfall

Interview with Professor Samuel Au Kwok-wai, Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering on his surgical robots developed to assist surgeons.

Hong Kong Today – Govt urged to provide better heat shelters (38:10 – 42:20)

Interview with Professor Edward Ng, Yao Ling-Sun Professor of Architecture on his joint research predicting more frequent hot weather in Hong Kong in the future and urging the government to provide better heat shelters.


Red Lights at Hong Kong Crosswalks Are Helping Phone Zombies Cross the Street

Professor Hendrik Tieben, Director, School of Architecture gives his expert opinion on the effectiveness of the government’s trial installation of an auxiliary device at road crossings to enhance pedestrian safety.


This Hong Kong farm is using fish and blue lights to grow basil the size of your face

Professor Lam Hon-ming, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Life Sciences gives his expert opinion on the possibility of vertical farms to solve the problem of land resources and increase agricultural output in Hong Kong.

Robot made of sticky tape and metal powder could crawl on your organs

Research by Professor Zhang Li, Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering on a magnetically controlled soft robot used for carrying out medical procedure.

How Marketers Can Leverage on the Power of Comparison

Joint research by Professor Shen Hao, Professor, Department of Marketing shows that social comparisons are a major determining factor for consumers to purchase a product.

Digital Red Packets and the Power of Sharing Online

Research by Professor Lisa Lin, Assistant Professor, Department of Management reveals that dispatching digital red packets is an effective promotional marketing strategy for online businesses in boosting purchases and recruiting customers.

Can Robots Be Used to Obtain Honest Customer Feedback?

Joint study by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management reveals that the application of service robots in the hospitality industry helps to effectively obtain honest customer feedback.

Major study into effects of long Covid to be carried out by Chinese University of Hong Kong

The first large-scale Long COVID survey in Hong Kong has been launched by the Faculty of Medicine, aiming to inform the government on the impact of long COVID on healthcare services.


A focus on diverse disciplines yields results from cancer to COVID-19

Research by professors from the Faculty of Medicine on gut microbiota, lung cancer therapy and using a liquid biopsy to detect many types of cancer.