In The News


Inequality and Disparity in Hong Kong

An interview with Professor Fanny Cheung, Senior Advisor, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, discussing inequality and disparity in Hong Kong, and the government’s efforts in tackling those issues.

Education Today

A research based curriculum treating autism using social robots

An interview with Professor Catherine So, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, introducing her research on treating autism using social robots.

The Engineer

CUHK researchers develop new energy harvester

A research by Professor Wei-Hsin Liao, Chairman, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering on developing a new energy harvester for smartwatch.


Making it in the megacity

A research by a PhD student in Engineering, on using deep-learning techniques to guide a robotic arm to paint traditional Chinese artwork.


Top scientist calls for Hong Kong genetic testing firms to be allowed in Greater Bay Area

An interview with Professor Dennis Lo, Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Medicine, to give his views on the development of Hong Kong’s genetic research in the Greater Bay Area.

Science Daily

Unusually shallow earthquake ruptures in Chinese fracking field

A research by Professor Hong-feng Yang, Associate Professor, Earth System Science Programme on the investigation of extremely shallow earthquakes related to shale gas production in Sichuan.


Covid-19 Patients May Cause Prolonged Gut Infection, Study Finds

A research by Professor Francis Chan, Professor Siew Ng and Professor Paul Chan, Centre for Gut Microbiota Research found for the first time that patients who have recovered from COVID-19 have active prolonged gut viral infection.

Tech Wire Asia

5G will give us fintech 2.0 – here’s why

Professor William Wong, Associate Dean (External Affairs), Faculty of Engineering gives expert opinion on the latest development of 5G Technology.


A Fully Automated Construction Industry? Still a Long Road Ahead

An article contributed by Professor Darwin Lau, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, discussing the challenges in applying robotics in the construction industry.


Study shows drawbacks of deep-throat saliva for COVID-19 testing

A research by Professor Paul Chan, Chairman, Department of Microbiology, on the effectiveness of different COVID-19 virus testing methods.