Strengthened Response to COVID Vaccines Could Come from the Gut

Sinovac and BioNTech work more effectively in people who have an abundance amount of a particular bacterium called Bifidobacterium adolescentis in their gut. In most of us, this reduces with age, modern diet, stress, and the use of antibiotics, and a joint CUHK-HKU study has found that those who lack it have a lower antibody response to the vaccines. This implies that modulating the gut has potential to power up the impact of COVID vaccines……

AI Guided Magnetic Endoscope Gives Surgeon Uncluttered Hands-free View

Magnets, play an important role in daily life, sometimes an invisible one, from refrigerator doors, credit cards, computers to high-speed maglev trains and more. A CUHK Surgery team’s invention of an intelligently guided magnetic endoscope brings an exciting new advance in minimally invasive thoracic surgery. No collisions between scope and scalpel, smooth video coverage of the cavity and no clean-up interruptions……

A Predictive Platform to Combat Infertility

Anticipating a newborn brings joy to parents but delays in marriages and childbirth planning make it harder to conceive successfully. Selecting a high developmental potential embryo is still the key to pregnancy even though assisted reproductive technology like conventional IVF has been advancing with time. CUHK researchers have recently developed a new predictive platform which helps doctor to select an appropriate embryo and devise transfer schemes to increase the rate of success……

No More Probes! World-First Sensitive Faecal Test for Colon Cancer and Polyps Detection

A low sensitivity faecal test is used to screen for colorectal cancer. Its cause, polyps can only be detected by a probing colonoscopy. Now a CUHK Medicine team has devised a first ever, highly sensitive, non-invasive “bacterial gene markers” test on faeces. It is 94% sensitive to the cancer, and over 90% sensitive to recurring polyps - which the present test can’t detect at all……


Once Fighting Hepatitis, Now Re-enlisted to Confront COVID-19.

Simeprevir was a successful drug retired from the fight against the hepatitis C virus when new drugs and advanced treatment came into the field in recent years. An international research team led by CUHK and HKU seeking an effective drug molecule against COVID-19 has re-enlisted simeprevir as a potent treatment to suppress the replication of SARS-CoV-2……

Microrobotic Doctors Roam Deep into Your Body for Treatments

A sci-fi adventure film from the 1960s, Fantastic Voyage, features a group of doctors shrinking into microscopic size and venturing into a patient’s brain to repair damages. A CUHK research team has recently brought this surreal fantasy to life by developing biohybrid soft microrobots, which navigates in tiny lumens for health inspections and medical treatments …….

Vaccine Effectiveness against Seasonal Flu Predictable by Computer

Innovative algorithms developed by a CUHK team, using bioinformatics analysis of virus genome, can estimate vaccine effectiveness (VE) by quantifying the relationship between the genetic mismatch between flu vaccines and current virus strains. This real-time prediction method of VE early in flu season gives the government a heads-up in selecting effective vaccines and organising resources before mass vaccination ……

Pioneering Genetic Test Gives Hope to Despairing Women

Frustration, disbelief, marital and mental stress can all come to women who have recurrent miscarriages but only half the couples could find out why it was happening to them. Now a new and more probing genome sequencing test – ChromoSeq is uncovering the causes, protecting the pathway to birth and rekindling hopes……

Health Secrets Behind the Window to the Soul

Eyes are the window to the soul, and so to our health. A research team from CUHK has developed Automatic Retinal Image Analysis technology to evaluate the risk of stroke and dementia. Recently, they have extended its application to assess the risk of autism in children by analysing their captured retinal images, hoping to reduce delayed diagnosis or even misdiagnosis……

Nasal Strip Gentle COVID-19 Test for All-Ages

Scared kids gagging on swabs probing into noses and throats or embarrassed old folk trying to heave up saliva has been the unhappy side of COVID-19 testing. Now, a nasal strip sampling for COVID-19 test that is gentle, fast, easy and accurate is on its way for all ages, equaling one of the standard test methods and out-performing the other……