“Research and Innovation” not only creates value and brings benefits to society, but is also one of the key areas highlighted in The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Strategic Plan 2021-2025. CUHK scholars have won a number of global and national honours for their world-leading research results and delivery of innovation to the world.

Professor Dennis LO is the first Chinese scientist to receive the Royal Medal for outstanding achievements in biological sciences

Known as “the Father of Non-invasive Prenatal Testing”, Professor Dennis Yuk Ming LO, Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Medicine, CUHK (CU Medicine) was awarded the Royal Medal 2021 for his contributions to the advancement of “natural knowledge” in biological sciences. Being the first Chinese scientist awardee in the category, Professor Lo has made a major impact on prenatal diagnosis by discovering fetal DNA in maternal plasma, developing non-invasive prenatal testing, and making foundational contributions for other types of liquid biopsies. Other recipients of the Royal Medal have included Charles Darwin who proposed the theory of evolution and John Dalton who developed the atomic theory. Professor Lo hopes this award can encourage more outstanding, young talented people to devote themselves to the field of science.

Professor Xuhua HE was awarded the 2022 AMS Chevalley Prize in Lie Theory

Professor Xuhua HE, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Mathematics of the Department of Mathematics and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences has recently received the 2022 AMS Chevalley Prize in Lie Theory by the American Mathematical Society for his contribution to the advance of “Lie theory”.

Meanwhile, outstanding young CUHK scholars have been awarded leading awards and grants in Mainland China for their excellent research achievements.

Professor LU Yi-Chun was awarded the XPLORER PRIZE 2021

Professor LU Yi-Chun from the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering has invented a safe, high energy, low cost, and environmentally friendly battery. Not only could it serve as a substitute for commercial lithium-ion batteries used in daily lives, but also be an enabling factor in deploying unstable and intermittent renewable power sources. Professor Lu has just received the XPLORER PRIZE 2021 in recognition of her outstanding achievement in the field of energy and environmental protection.

(first row, from left to right) Professor TAN Yen Joe; Professor LU Xinhui; Professor REN Wei (second row, from left to right) Professor HE Wei; Dr. KO Ho

Five CUHK researchers received China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2021 supporting young scientists and their scientific research projects. Award winning researchers and projects are as follows:

Awardees Award winning projects
Professor TAN Yen Joe, Assistant Professor, Earth System Science Programme Earthquake behaviour at oceanic transform faults
Professor LU Xinhui, Associate Professor, Department of Physics X-ray scattering Based Microstructure Studies of Photovoltaic Materials
Professor REN Wei, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering Laser diagnostics for flow fields
Professor HE Wei, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics Game Theory and Mechanism Design
Dr. KO Ho, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics Anti-aging effects of GLP-1R agonism and companion non-invasive diagnostics