The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) has long been a beacon of knowledge and innovation on the global stage, spearheading dialogues that help shape our world. A variety of impactful events were held at CUHK recently, including a climate change conference featuring prominent scientists, a conversation on Buddhism and Biomedicine between the Vice-Chancellor and the Venerable Kuan Yun, and the CUHK Business School 60th Anniversary International Finance Forum.

Xue Long 2’s visit and a dialogue with polar pioneers

The visit of China’s first homemade polar icebreaker, Xue Long 2, marked a historic moment for Hong Kong. As part of the celebrations, CUHK Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change co-organised the two-day “Global Conference on Climate Change: Polar Studies, Environment and Climate Change” on 9-10 April 2024 with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (Hong Kong Chapter) and the Polar Research Institute of Hong Kong, attracting over 2,000 representatives from around the world, including researchers, policymakers and industry leaders. Top scientists from a range of fields including oceanography, marine biology, astronomy, glaciology and engineering exchanged views through a great series of presentations and panel discussions, aiming to establish cross-disciplinary connections as well as propose research projects of mutual interest.

The polar research icebreaker Xue Long 2 received an enthusiastic welcome in Hong Kong.

Notably, more than 300 students participated in a dialogue with the Xue Long 2 scientists as well as a live chat with scientists working in the Antarctic China Zhongshan Station. This unique opportunity allowed students to gain insights into the daily research life in Antarctica and delve into the nation’s achievements in polar research. Sharing the outcomes of their 40th scientific research expedition to Antarctica, the scientists emphasised the significance of the polar regions in our global climate system. The event showcased CUHK’s scientific prowess, and served as a testament to the University’s commitment to environmental stewardship and advancing sustainable development, one of the key focuses outlined in the University’s Strategic Plan.

Bridging Buddhism and science

On 27 March, CUHK’s event “In Dialogue with Ven. Kuan Yun – Buddhism and Biomedicine” brought together religion and science, with a conversation between CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Rocky S. Tuan and the Venerable Kuan Yun, Chairman of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association and Abbot of the Western Monastery of Hong Kong. They explored the ethical dimensions of biomedicine from a Buddhist perspective, bridging these two seemingly unrelated topics. The conversation discussed how religious wisdom can guide modern scientific research and emphasised the harmony between moral considerations and biomedical advancements. The event attracted a broad audience, underscoring CUHK’s commitment to interdisciplinary exchanges that bridge cultural and academic domains.

Ven. Kuan Yun and Professor Rocky S. Tuan engaged in an inspiring conversation about the intricate relationship between religion and science.

A milestone in finance education

The CUHK Business School commemorated its 60th anniversary with an International Finance Forum on 23 March, reflecting on Hong Kong’s future as an international financial centre. The forum featured distinguished speakers including Mr Paul Chan Mo-po, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR and an alumnus of CUHK Business School, along with industry experts who provided insights into the evolving landscape of global finance and the opportunities that lie ahead for Hong Kong.

CUHK Business School 60th Anniversary International Finance Forum

These events represent CUHK’s role as a catalyst for change and progress. The University continues to shine as a place where great minds come together to address the challenges of our time and pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.