The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) always maintains global aspirations. During its 60th anniversary year, the University has continued to uphold its mission of integrating Chinese and Western cultures and engaging in exchanges with universities around the world. This includes organising multiple presidential forums and advocating for the establishment of the Belt & Road Alliance for Traditional Chinese Medicine, aiming for excellence in teaching and research. CUHK has also held a series of anniversary celebrations, including the 60th anniversary banquet and a visit from renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma, who engaged with students on campus.

CUHK hosted the Diamond Jubilee University Presidents’ Forum on 9 December 2023. This global thought leadership event brought together 32 university presidents hailing from 18 countries and regions spanning six continents, with over 120 global academic leaders and key stakeholders in attendance.

The Presidents’ Forum served as a platform for university leaders to share insights and experiences on the impact innovation and edupreneurship, reflecting on the evolving role of universities in an ever-changing academic landscape. It also bolstered CUHK’s global partnerships, aligning with the university’s commitment to fusing Chinese and Western academic traditions through collaborations with over 480 institutions worldwide. This edition of the forum, themed “Innovation and Edupreneurship: The Shifting Research and Education Agenda”, took centre stage in CUHK’s milestone celebrations.

CUHK has hosted several presidential forums, and advocated for the establishment of the Belt & Road Alliance for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

CUHK and Peking University jointly organised the Sino-US University Presidents’ Dialogue on the CUHK campus on 10 December. This momentous event, centred around the theme “The Shared Future of Sino-US Universities through Collaboration and Partnership”, drew the participation of over 30 senior representatives from leading universities and institutions in China and the US.

The dialogue featured two panels: “Defining the Role for Universities in Sustainable Development” and “Exploring Sino-US Models for University Collaboration”. These panels delved into the crucial role of universities in advancing green research and technologies, and fostering international collaboration to address climate change; and explored successful partnerships between Chinese and American universities.

On the same day, CUHK organised the 2023 Meeting of the Association of University Presidents of China (AUPC) and the Forum on Building World-class Universities. Heads of the 12 participating universities contributed to the Forum, themed “Strategies for Talent Cultivation and Innovation of First-class Universities upon Resumption of Normalcy”, sharing insights into recent educational developments.

Another event, the Inauguration Ceremony of the Belt & Road Alliance for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Presidents’ forum, was held on CUHK’s campus. The alliance was initiated by CUHK, and is a non-profit cooperative alliance formed by Chinese medicine industry-academia-research institutions from countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

The founding members of the alliance include 20 provincial-level Chinese medicine universities and institutions, as well as 12 well-known enterprises in the Chinese medicine industry. The alliance aims to bring together Chinese medicine policy, industry, academia and research institutions from countries and regions along the Belt and Road, cultivate high-quality Chinese medicine talents, promote the modernisation of and international cooperation in Chinese medicine, and contribute to the building of a global community for health and well-being.

Yo-Yo Ma visited CUHK and engaged in conversations with students.

Among the University’s anniversary celebrations, it invited renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma to visit. He engaged in conversations with more than 200 students, including several onstage interactions, followed by an impromptu performance, allowing them to witness the brilliance of a musical master first-hand.

CUHK also held its 60th Anniversary Banquet, bringing together over 2,000 CUHK students, staff, alumni, mainland and international partners, and friends to celebrate the institution’s achievements, culture and academic spirit.

Over 2,000 guests joined CUHK’s 60th Anniversary Banquet.