New “Soft Power”: Batteries Safe and Stable as Skin Cream

High energy batteries, in cell phones and laptops, can blow up in your face. Research around that problem surfaced with a solution from a surprisingly different field. It is a soluble polymer used in skin cream that can also stabilise battery output. Soon, putting a phone on your cheek will be as gentle on your skin as moisturizer……

Study Shows Cantonese Tones May be in the Genes

If you have that specific ASPM genotype that enjoys the ups and downs of tone language, that’s the way you’ll go and about 70% of Cantonese speakers participating in a CUHK study had it, with better tone perception. If you don’t, or aren’t Chinese, all is not lost. Music training may help you improve your performance in lexical tones……

Scratching Your Head, Biting Your Lip? You’re Coping with Stress

Previously unknown brain circuitry can generate repetitive behaviour that fends off harm from emotional stress. CUHK biomedical scientists find that responses like compulsive hand rubbing when anxious are coping mechanisms not to be repressed. That circuitry gone awry can also be a research lead into OCD and autism......

Full Genome of “Senzu” Revealed for the “Purrfect” Treatments

Thanks to “Senzu”, an American shorthair, and joint CUHK-Japanese research, precision veterinary medicine will be driven forward. Advanced genomic technology has produced a genome that is much more complete and genetically resembles modern cats more than the one that was published in 2007 from an Abyssinian, “Cinnamon”…..

Maybe Not Too Late for Late Stage Cancer Sufferers

A new chapter is opening in cancer immunotherapy. A first-in-human clinical trial of CRISPR technology to treat late stage lung cancer has proved safe by a CUHK joint research. T-Cells of advanced condition patients have been extracted, gene edited and reinfused as potential fighters against cancer cells…….

Fresh From the Garden: Display Ozone’s Harm to Plants

An “ozone garden” is where a CUHK research team studied bean plants attempting to grow under Hong Kong’s rising ozone skies in the first plant-based measurement of ozone in the South China Region. Even though it was Spring and in the countryside, the ozone eroded the beans and stressed them into opening more flowers, forcing them to wither more quickly……

CUHK LAW Students Won Global Moot Contest in a Challenging Year

Delight and pride are CUHK reactions to their Law student team for arguing their way to the top in a pre-eminent international arbitration mooting competition. The team’s excellent advocacy skills and unremitting efforts paid off in face of strong global rivals, and the pandemic……

“Simple” Mechanism for Modulating Neurons Strengthens Brain Diseases Therapy

Doing something simple is how a CUHK researcher describes finding an essential mechanism to regulate alterations in neuron types that can harm the brain and cause neurological diseases. “By simply adjusting the strength of certain extrinsic signaling cues……” he says, and there lies an important path into stem cell biology……

一步一电零负担 行山充电源源不绝

行山远足时迷路,更不幸遇上手机刚好缺电,无法求救—相信这是不少行山人士的恶梦。求人不如自救,透过香港中文大学 (中大)团队研发的人体动能采电系统,将每一步的动能都转化为电力,无需耗用使用者额外的体能。每踏出一步,便为这轻巧的电子仪器充电……


为鼓励莘莘学子在疫情下,仍能在家中自我增值,中大将举办一系列「博文在线」网上公开讲座,由9位中大优秀学者透过视像会议平台分享专长领域的真知灼见。首场于3月20日举行的讲座将由中大常务副校长率先分享 ……