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Let’s Take a Brick Philip Fu Makes Sketches Come to Life with LEGO Algorithm

We all know what LEGO is—it is a timeless, fun and educational toy for a kid, one he or she played with as a child, and now probably steps on when walking around the house as a parent. But the charm of LEGO knows no bounds. In fact, more and more adults nowadays show an increased interest in tinkering with these brightly hued bricks.

New “Soft Power”: Batteries Safe and Stable as Skin Cream

High energy batteries, in cell phones and laptops, can blow up in your face. Research around that problem surfaced with a solution from a surprisingly different field. It is a soluble polymer used in skin cream that can also stabilise battery output. Soon, putting a phone on your cheek will be as gentle on your skin as moisturizer.

How to Reap Energy Every Step You Take

You get lost on a mountain and your cell phone battery goes flat. How do you get help? You help yourself by walking, wearing a featherweight biomechanical device which harvests energy from the movement of your body. CUHK Professor Wei Hsin Liao explains how a moving knee can generate electricity.

Public Lectures to Broaden Knowledge during the Pandemic

To encourage students to keep learning at home during the pandemic, CUHK is introducing the “Class Acts” CUHK Online Talk Series. Nine outstanding scholars will deliver short lectures on different areas of expertise through a video conferencing platform. The first one, given by CUHK’s Provost, will be held on 20 March.

In Your Blood or Guts, Microrobots will Swarm to Defend

There is a new way to deploy the right microrobotic swarm into a bodily fluid to fight illness. A research group of the Faculty of Engineering has categorised magnetic swarming microrobots and devised ways to select the one that navigates best in a bio-fluid, taking treatment into the vascular system and other confined regions of the body.

HK$5m Step towards Taking Risk Out of Eye Scans

The HK$5m Croucher Innovation Award to Engineer Professor Renjie Zhou’s programme brings closer a breakthrough in in vivo imaging technology which takes away the radiation risk from X rays in detecting eye diseases. His work on TPM aims for frequent scanning to catch eye degeneration early and monitor longer term disease.

Faster Cheaper Better Revolution in Nanoscale 3D Printing Technology

10,000 times faster, 98% cheaper and better quality, a revolution in nanoscale 3D printing technology comes from the Faculty of Engineering Professor Shih Chi Chen and his team with FP-TPL. It prints layer-by-layer not point-by-point, greatly improves resolution, and heralds a new era for biomedical and nanotechnology.

Click Hackers on the Run from Browser-Based Analysis Framework

Hackers roaming the web hijacking clicks for fraud and malware downloads may soon be foiled. Professor Wei Meng of Faculty of Engineering’s browser-based analysis framework has found three techniques used for intercepting user’s clicks. The source code of the framework will be released so web browsers can detect interceptions and warn users.

“Phantom Dancer” Makes Smart Moves to Win ABU Robocon Championship

Phantom Dancer, CUHK student robotics team, won the ABU Robocon championship in Mongolia with some smart moves. After a year of hard work, two robots were engineered to take tricky steps over terrain and on ropes to win this international trophy - a first for CUHK and Hong Kong.